Issue Manager NMB Capital is one the leading firms in raising capital and other required funds from different sources to achieve the diverse need of our customers via Public Issue, Right Issue and Issuance Stock Dividend and other various securities related instruments. Registrar to shares/Debentures/Bond Services NMB Capital Limited offers a full range of associated services such as maintaining and updating register, split, pledge and transfer of share, payment of dividends etc to the valued share holders/Debenture holders/Bond holders of prominent companies. Underwriting services NMB Capital is unique in ability in providing underwriting services across the country. In Nepal we are the leading underwriter of Securities whether it's Common Stock, Preferred stock, Trusts, or Bond/ Debenture related structured products. We assist in meeting our financial need of our customer. Private Placement We have been involved in bringing international best practices to Nepalese market and have pioneered innovative structured products that have stimulated, simultaneously investor and issuer interests, coping up with the depressed market conditions. As a leading Merchant Banker in the country, we have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced staffs to cater the need of our esteemed clients, well-established relationship with other financial intermediaries, regulatory authorities and prospective investors. Portfolio Management NMB Capital is committed to meeting the needs of the clients. One aspiring towards money multiplier. Can benefit from our experience and qualified dedicated professionals NMB s specially positioned to execute complex Buy and Sell assignments for small to middle market companies. NMB Capital Advisory team is getting prepared to assist its clients’ sourcing and execution of bolt-on acquisitions on an on-call addition basis.

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